The Truth About Wedding Flower Costs - What You Need To Know

Updated: Feb 4

You've set the date, chosen the venue and booked the caterers and now you're all set to choose your florist. You've scrolled through Pinterest and Instagram and found THE most perfect wedding flowers - you excitedly phone your florist for a quote and then .....

" Wait, what- HOW MUCH?! "

In this post you'll discover why wedding flowers cost what they do and the answers may surprise you!

1 . We're professionals at our job and experts in our field

When it comes to wedding flowers the old adages

"you get what you pay for"


"if you think a professional is expensive just wait until you hire an amateur"

absolutely ring true.

When you choose your wedding florist, you're choosing someone who has trained for many years to become a specialist at what they do and you in turn receive the benefit of our extensive knowledge and experience. We'll suggest the best types of wedding flowers and arrangements for you and your venue and because of our depth of experience we're able to create unique designs not offered elsewhere.

We'll work with you from day one guiding you through the whole process, often over a year or more involving;

  1. our initial meeting

  2. developing ideas

  3. preparing and amending proposals

  4. site visits

  5. providing bouquet or centrepiece mock-ups,

  6. working with suppliers to select the best flowers timed to be at their most perfect on your wedding day

  7. conditioning and preparing the flowers

  8. creating the wedding arrangements and bouquets

  9. delivery and set up

  10. removal of all items the following day.

As you can see, a lot is involved in the planning and provision of your wedding flowers and it's this time and experience you're paying for.

2. Although we love what we do we have to earn a living as well

It seems to come as a surprise to some that florists actually want to earn a living from what we do and that we don't just 'play with flowers' for the fun of it - indeed I've known florists over the years who haven't charged enough for their time, if it all!