The Truth About Wedding Flower Costs - What You Need To Know

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

You've set the date, chosen the venue and booked the caterers and now you're all set to choose your florist. You've scrolled through Pinterest and Instagram and found THE most perfect wedding flowers - you excitedly phone your florist for a quote and then .....

" Wait, what- HOW MUCH?! "

In this post you'll discover why wedding flowers cost what they do and the answers may surprise you!


1 . We're professionals at our job and experts in our field

When it comes to wedding flowers the old adages

"you get what you pay for"


"if you think a professional is expensive just wait until you hire an amateur"

absolutely ring true.

When you choose your wedding florist, you're choosing someone who has trained for many years to become a specialist at what they do and you in turn receive the benefit of our extensive knowledge and experience. We'll suggest the best types of wedding flowers and arrangements for you and your venue and because of our depth of experience we're able to create unique designs not offered elsewhere.

We'll work with you from day one guiding you through the whole process, often over a year or more involving;

  1. our initial meeting

  2. developing ideas

  3. preparing and amending proposals

  4. site visits

  5. providing bouquet or centrepiece mock-ups,

  6. working with suppliers to select the best flowers timed to be at their most perfect on your wedding day

  7. conditioning and preparing the flowers

  8. creating the wedding arrangements and bouquets

  9. delivery and set up

  10. removal of all items the following day.

As you can see, a lot is involved in the planning and provision of your wedding flowers and it's this time and experience you're paying for.


2. Although we love what we do we have to earn a living as well

It seems to come as a surprise to some that florists actually want to earn a living from what we do and that we don't just 'play with flowers' for the fun of it - indeed I've known florists over the years who haven't charged enough for their time, if it all!

I describe it this way - you wouldn't take your car into the garage and not expect to pay labour costs, would you? The same applies to florists. The final cost of a bouquet or centrepiece isn't just the cost of the flowers, but also;

  • the time it takes to make the design (i.e our hourly rate)

  • our experience (see above!)

  • sundries such as floral bases, ribbon, packaging etc

  • the conditioning of the flowers to ensure they're as perfect as they can be

  • staff wages

  • overheads such as rent/mortgage, electricity, water

  • insurance

  • delivery

  • break down and cleaning

  • hire of equipment such as vases, tealights

  • VAT

When you take into account all of these costs the price of that table centrepiece doesn't seem quite so unreasonable after all, does it?


3. 'Seasonal' flowers do not always equal less expensive

A common misconception is that because a flower is in season then it must be cheaper than at other times of the year. Whilst this can be the case, it quite often isn't.

Let's take that fleeting beauty - the paeony. It's a beautiful flower which is only available for a few short months in the UK - between mid-May to early July - peaking in June. Growers can only supply a finite number of blooms, so if you've set your heart on a June wedding with masses of paeonies, you'll be competing with every other bride who also has the same dream. Result - increased demand which in turn increases the price.


4. Those Insta-worthy flowers you love in reality cost thousands

We're all guilty of spending way too long drooling over fabulous, flower filled wedding photos, but remember, there's a reason why those photos are so Pinterest and Insta-worthy! Those wedding flowers which look out-of-this world fabulous are fabulous because they cost a LOT and in reality are out of reach of the average bridal couple.

Whilst it would be great to provide you with the exact same sumptuous mass of wedding arrangements you've seen online, unless you have a floral budget in the tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds (in which case please get in touch!!) it's just not going to happen, so be realistic when speaking to your florist and don't be disappointed when you're told you can't have that amount of flowers and be within budget. We're great florists, not miracle workers!

If you're upfront with your florist about your floral budget from the outset, we can then work with you to provide the most gorgeous wedding arrangements without breaking the bank.

(By the way, just because you've given us a budget, doesn't mean we see £££ signs everywhere and automatically work to the top limit. It allows us to be open with you and show you how you can get the maximum 'bang for your buck!' We want you to be completely happy after all)

So, when planning your floral budget, expect to set aside 10% - 15% of your overall wedding budget, depending on number of guests, the type of flowers used and the number of arrangements involved.


5. Wedding flowers DO cost more than those bought from a supermarket

And here's why -

  • Wedding flowers are of a much higher quality - no question. From the grower right through to the florist our flowers are handled with care and only the best are chosen. Stems are longer which means larger flower heads - important when you want the most perfect rose for your bouquet or table centrepiece. Just think of those bunches of tiny roses packed tightly in cellophane, stored in plastic buckets with no water in warm supermarkets. Do you really want these for your wedding? Answer: NO!

  • Supermarkets can buy in huge quantities so they can sell at rock bottom prices - florists can't, simple as that. Nor would we want to. We spend time sourcing the best flowers so they'll be at their peak on your wedding day. Some flowers have to be sourced a week in advance to allow them to fully open, whilst others must be bought in the day before because they're so shortlived. You won't find supermarkets mollycoddling their lilies to ensure they open on time!

  • As mentioned earlier, our involvement doesn't just start and end on your wedding day. It's been months in the planning. Proposals have been written and amended, site visits have been made, mock-up designs produced, only the best flowers sourced and conditioned. And then there's the run up to the wedding day. Work will often start on preparing your wedding arrangements several days in advance with an early (think 4am!) start on the day itself, which then continues late into the night or early the next morning to collect and clear away any items to be returned to us. This service has to be reflected in the total flower cost and is why wedding flowers DO, quite rightly, cost more than supermarket flowers - they're in a totally different league.


Hopefully this post has explained the amount of time and planning (and love!) involved in creating your beautiful wedding flowers and why the quote you receive may be different to what you were expecting.

Armed with this knowledge, be open with your florist about your budget and the style of wedding flowers you want and you'll find that we're fully committed to working with you to provide only the best flowers and service possible. After all, we want you to be 100% happy so that you'll recommend us to all your friends!

So, to sum up, your wedding flowers quotation will reflect

  • our high level of training and experience

  • costs - such as florist's time, sundries, overheads, delivery/breakdown fees, VAT

  • the seasonal nature of your flowers and demand for them

  • the type and volume of flowers used in your wedding arrangements

  • the superior quality of the flowers and the care and handling involved


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